Known Issues

Spotty Account Recognition

When using account discovery you may find that sometimes accounts do not get recognized but other times they do. There are two causes for this. Account recognition is based on the window title, and browsers tend not to update the window title until the page is completely loaded. So generally intermittent account recognition occurs because you trigger Avendesora before the page has completed loaded. This problem is aggravated with modern websites because they often continue loading images, scripts, advertisements, etc. even after the page initially renders. You can generally work around this issue by simply hitting the stop button on the browser or by typing the ESC key, which should do the same thing.

The second cause is a bit more problematic. The Chrome browser, or perhaps the URL in Title extension, seems to have a bug that interferes with its use with account discovery, and ironically it tends to interfere when logging into your Google accounts. The problem is that in some cases Chrome does not update its title when you navigate to a new but related page; the title from the previous page persists. This can occur if you give the URL for a particular service, like or, and you get forwarded to the generic login page. It can also happen during the two step login process used when logging in where the title occasionally does not update as you go from the username page to the password page. In these cases Avendesora sees the wrong URL and either enters the wrong thing or does not recognize the page. Generally, refreshing the page allows you to work around this bug.

Reporting Issues

If you discover any issues with Avendesora, or have some suggestions, or simply want to help out, please visit Avendesora issues.