Avendesora is primarily a password generator. As a result, there is always a chance that something could change in the password generation algorithm that causes the generated passwords to change. Of course, the program is thoroughly tested to assure this does not happen, but there is still a small chance that something slips through. To assure that you are not affected by this, you should archive your passwords before you upgrade with:

avendesora changed
avendesora archive

The changed command should always be run before an archive command. It allows you to review all the changes that have occurred so that you can verify that they were all intentional. Once you are comfortable, run the archive command to save all the changes. This creates a file (~/.config/avendesora/archive.gpg) that contains all of your account information, including the secrets. Be sure to keep it safe.

Once you have created/updated your archive, you can upgrade Avendesora with:

pip install -upgrade --user avendesora

Finally, run:

avendesora version

to confirm that your version of Avendesora was updated and:

avendesora changed

to confirm that none of your generated passwords have changed.

It is a good idea to run ‘avendesora changed’ and ‘avendesora archive’ on a routine basis to keep your archive up to date. Doing so can help protect you against common mistake you might make.

Upon updating you may find that Avendesora produces a message that a ‘hash’ has changed. This is an indication that something has changed in the program that could affect the generated secrets. Again, care is taken when developing Avendesora to prevent this from happening. But it is an indication that you should take extra care. Specifically you should follow the above procedure to assure that the value of your generated secrets have not changed. Once you have confirmed that the upgrade has not affected your generated secrets, you should follow the directions given in the warning and update the appropriate hash contained in ~/.config/avendesora/.hashes.